The Siemens Boat Race of the North

The Boat Race of the North is a rowing event held annually between Newcastle University Boat Club and Durham University Boat Club on the River Tyne in Newcastle.

The event was started in 1997 on the 18th of May with Newcastle only winning its first Boat Race in 2009. In 2010 the event was a draw and from 2011 to 2014 no races were held. In 2015 the Boat Race of the North returned and the result was also a draw, however for the last two years Newcastle have won the title. There are usually 6 races held between the two Universities; Men's and Women's First and Second Eights and Men's and Women's Novice Eights. The Race is held over a 1500 meter course from the Redheugh Bridge to the Millennium Bridge providing short and exciting racing under the world famous bridges of Newcastle. The race has been sponsored by Northumbrian Water and the NE1 Business development company in the past and is now sponsored by Siemens.

This year the Siemens Boat Race of the North is being held on the 11th of May, starting at 13:30, and Newcastle are looking to defend their title as Champions of the North.


+ Event cancelled due to bad weather

++ Durham chose not to contest the trophies


1Men's Senior EightsThe Clasper Trophy
2Women's Senior EightsThe Chambers Trophy
3Men's Novice EightsThe Renforth Trophy
4Women's Novice EightsThe Taylor Trophy
5Men's Second Eights-
6Women's Second Eights-


YearRace Number
Clasper TrophyChambers TrophyRenforth TrophyTaylor TrophyMen's 2nd EightWomen's 2nd EightOverall
201919NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201818NewcastleNewcastlen/an/an/an/aNewcastle Win
201717NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleDurhamNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201616NewcastleNewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201515NewcastleNewcastleDurhamDurhamn/an/aDraw - Newcastle retain the Trophy
2014++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2013++------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2012++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2011++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
201014DurhamDurhamNewcastleNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Newcastle retain the Trophy
200913NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleDurhamn/an/aNewcastle Win
200812DurhamDurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
200711NewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Durham Retain the Trophy
200610DurhamDurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20059NewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Durham Retain the Trophy
20048DurhamDurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20026DurhamDurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20015DurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win
19993DurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win
19982DurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/an/aDurham Win
19971DurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win