Past Results

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Henley Royal Regatta

2019The Grand Challenge Cup (GBR 8+)Final
2019Temple Challenge Cup (A)Semi-Final
2019The Ladies Challenge Plate (Newcastle Univ. and Cambridge Univ. GBR U23 8+)Semi-Final
2019Temple Challenge Cup (B)First Round
2019Temple Challenge Cup (C)First Round
2019Prince of Wales Challenge Cup (with Itchen Imperial)First Round
2018Temple Challenge Cup (A)Semi-Final
2018Temple Challenge Cup (B)First Round
2018Temple Challenge Cup (C)First Round
2018Remenham Challenge CupFirst Round
2018Princess Grace Challenge CupFirst Round
2018Prince of Wales Challenge Cup (Newcastle Univ. and Edinburgh Univ.)Second Round
2018Prince of Wales Challenge Cup (Newcastle Univ. and Nottingham Univ.)First Round
2018Silver Goblets & Nickalls' Challenge CupFirst Round
2017Prince Albert Challenge CupWinners
2017The Grand Challenge Cup (Leander Club and Newcastle Univ. - GBR 8+)Final
2017Double Sculls Challenge Cup (Newcastle Univ. and Durham Univ.)Quarter-Final
2017Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
2017Prince of Wales Challenge CupFirst Round
2017Visitors Challenge CupFirst Round
2016Prince Albert Challenge CupFinal
2016Stewards' Challenge Cup (Newcastle Univ. and Robert Gordon Univ.)Semi-Final
2016Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
2016Visitors Challenge CupFirst Round
2016Prince of Wales Challenge CupFirst Round
2015Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2015Prince Albert Challenge Cup (A)First Round
2015Prince Albert Challenge Cup (B)Second Round
2015Visitors Challenge CupSemi-Final
2014Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2014Prince of Wales Challenge CupFirst Round
2014Prince Albert Challenge Cup (B)First Round
2014Prince Albert Challenge Cup (A)Winners
2013Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2013Temple Challenge CupSemi-Final
2013Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2012Remenham Challenge CupFirst Round
2012Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
2012Prince Albert Challenge CupFinal
2011Visitors Challenge Cup (with Marino Billi, IT)Semi-Final
2011Prince Albert Challenge CupSemi-Final
2011Temple Challenge Cup (B)Second Round
2011Temple Challenge Cup (A)First Round
2010Prince Albert Challenge CupSemi-Final
2010Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2010Prince of Wales Challenge CupQuarter-Final
2009Prince Albert Challenge CupQuarter-Final
2009Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
2009Visitors Challenge Cup (with Dukla Praha, CZ)Quarter-Final
2008Prince Albert Challenge CupWinners
2008Prince of Wales Challenge CupQuarter-Final
2007Prince Albert Challenge CupQuarter-Final
2007Men's Quadruple Sculls (with Imperial College)Semi-Final
2007Men's Quadruple ScullsFirst Round
2006Men's Quadruple Sculls (with Durham University)Semi-Final
2005Men's Quadruple Sculls (with Tideway Scullers)Semi-Final
2005Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
2004Men's Student Coxed FoursFirst Round
2003Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
2002Temple Challenge CupFirst Round
1999Britannia Challenge CupSecond Round
1999Temple Challenge CupQuarter-Final
1998Temple Challenge CupQuarter-Final
1997Prince Phillip Challenge CupFinal
1996Temple Challenge CupQuarter-Final
1995Temple Challenge CupQuarter-Final
1994Temple Challenge CupQuarter-Final
1993Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
1992Temple Challenge CupSecond Round
1991Visitors Challenge CupFirst Round
1989Thames Challenge CupSecond Round
1986Thames Challenge CupFirst Round
1984Ladies' Challenge PlateFirst Round
1984Visitors Challenge CupFirst Round
1982Ladies' Challenge PlateSecond Round
1981Thames Challenge CupFirst Round
1980Thames Challenge CupSecond Round
1965Wyfold Challenge CupFirst Round

Henley Women's Regatta

2019The Borne Cup - Championship Quadruple Sculls (with EHU, LDR, MOL)Winners
2019The Ron Needs Challenge Cup - Championship EightsSemi-Final
2019The Colgan Foundation Cup - Aspirational Academic Eights (A)Final
2019The Colgan Foundation Cup - Aspirational Academic Eights (B)First Round
2018The Borne Cup- Championship Quadruple ScullsWinners
2018The Godfrey Rowsports Trophy- Championship Lightweight SingleWinner
2018The Colgan Foundation Cup- Aspirational Academic EightsFinal
2018The Cathy Cruickshank Trophy- Aspirational Academical Coxless FourSecond Round
2018The Redgrave Challenge Vase- Championship PairsFirst Round
2017The Colgan Foundation Cup- Intermediate Academic EightsWinners
2017The Frank V Harry Cup- Senior Coxless FoursWinners
2017The JP Jeffries Cup- Senior EightsFinal
2017The Ron Needs Challenge Cup- Elite EightsFinal
2017The Chairman's Trophy- Senior Quadruple ScullsSecond Round
2016The Sharp Cup – Academic EightWinners
2016The G P Jeffries Cup – Senior EightSemi-Final
2016The Frank Harry Cup – Senior Coxed FourSecond Round
2015Avril Vellacott Cup – Elite Coxless Four (with CUW and BAU)Winners
2015Redgrave Trophy – Elite Coxless Pair (with TEE)Final
2015Cathy Cruickshank Trophy – Academic Coxed FourFinal
2015Frank Harry Cup – Senior Coxed FourSemi-Final
2014G P Jeffries Cup – Senior EightFinal
2013Frank Harry Cup – Senior Coxed FourWinners
2013Redgrave Trophy – Elite Coxless PairSemi-Final
2013Pricewaterhouse Cup – Academic EightQuarter-Final
2012GP JefferiesÿCup – Senior EightWinners
2012Pricewaterhouse Cup – Academic EightSemi-Final
2011Frank Harry Trophy – Senior Coxed FourFirst Round
2011Parkside Cup – Lightweight PairFirst Round
2011Pricewaterhouse Cup – Academic EightFinal
2010GP Jefferies Cup – Senior EightFinal
2010Rosie Mayglothling Trophy – Senior DoubleFirst Round
2009Parkside Cup – Lightweight PairFirst Round
2009Pricewaterhouse Cup – Academic EightWinners
2009Bernard Churcher Trophy – Lightweight SingleSecond Round
2008Frank Harry Trophy – Senior Coxed FourQuarter-Final
2007Lester Trophy – Intermediate Coxed FourFinal
2007Haslam Trophy – Lightweight DoubleSemi-Final
2007Rosie Mayglothling Trophy – Senior DoubleFinal
2006Rose Maylothling Trophy – Senior DoubleSemi-Final
2005Chairman's Cup – Senior QuadFirst Round
2004Vesta Cup – Elite Lightweight Coxless FourQuarter-Final
2004Lester Trophy – Intermediate Coxed FourSecond Round
2003Club Intermediate Coxed FourFirst Round
2002College Intermediate Coxed FourSecond Round
2000Redgrave Trophy Open Pair (with Kingston RC)Final
1996College Intermediate EightFinal
1995College Intermediate Coxed FourWinners
1991College Intermediate Coxed FourSemi-Final

National Championships – Men (This became British Rowing Championships in 2012)

2012Open Lightweight Pair1stNick Buckle, Matt Smith
2012Open Coxed Four1stAlex Leigh, Tom Ford, Tim Clarke, Ed Ford, Ruaridh Macphee
2011Open Coxed Four3rdTim Clarke, Murray Wilkojc, Sean Dixon, Ed Ford, Charles Barry
2011Open Lightweight Pair2ndEd Stephenson, Nick Buckle
2011Open Lightweight Four1stMatt Smith, Ben Gourlay, Ed Stephenson, Nick Buckle
2011U23 Double1stEd Ford, Murray Wilkojc
2010Open Pair6thTim Clarke, Tom Wright
2010Open Single4thFred Gill
2010Open Quad3rdMark Bowers, Andrew Corrigan, Murray Wilkojc, Mason Durant
2010U23 Double (with Durham University)1stEd Ford,ÿJohn Ford (Durham)
2009U23 Double1stÿEd Ford, Andrew Corrigan
2009Open Quad3rdWill Reid, Bill Hilder, Mark Bowers, Andrew Corrigan
2009U23 Single4thMark Bowers
2009Lightweight Pair5thJesse Burgoine, Piers Pye-Watson
2008Open Quad3rdNathan O?Reilly, Bill Hilder, Dan Cupit, Murray Wilkojc
2008U23 Single1stÿAndrew Corrigan
2007Open Quad3rdWill Reid, Bill Hilder, Dan Cupit, Andrew Corrigan
2007Open Double2ndHenry Pelly, Richard Francis
2007Open Pair2ndMason Durant, Fred Gill
2006Lightweight Four (with Durham University)4thSimon Barnwell, Oli Warlow, Jason Taggart,ÿJ Harris (Durham)
2005Open Double (with Tideway Scullers)3rdHenry Pelly,ÿJohn Moon (TSS)
1997Open Coxed Four (with Notts. County RA)1stÿEd Coode,ÿNCRA: G. McAdam, M. Johnson, S. Trapmore, D. Chung
1994Open Pairÿ3rdJan Safranek, Rob Latham
1972Open Single3rdMark Hayter

National Championships - Women (This became British Rowing Championships in 2012)

2011Open Coxless3rdMinna Jones-Walters, Ami Hodges, Abby Johnston, Lauren Clark
2010Open Eight5thMinna Jones-Walters, Ami Hodges, Emily Field, Rebecca Sparling,ÿLauren Clark, Eleanor Earp, Lucy Glendenning, Victoria Wallace, Ruaridh Macphee
2010U23 Double4thAmi Hodges, Abby Johnston
2009U23 Double3rdAlice Leake, Abby Johnston
2009U23 Single1stAlice Leake
2008U23 Double1stAlice Leake, Steph Barnett
2008Open Double3rdAlice Leake, Steph Barnett
2007Open Double3rdAlice Leake, Lisa Thomasson
2007U23 Double1stAlice Leake, Lisa Thomasson
2006U23 Single6thLisa Thomasson
2000Open Pair (with Kingston RC)1stRos Carslake,ÿRebecca Romero (Kingston)
1999Open Single4thRos Carslake

British Rowing Championships (Founded as The Diamond Jubilee Rowing Championships in October 2012)

2018Women's Eights- Final A4thChloe Deyermond, Frances Russell, Gaby Munyard,
Lola Anderson, Nicole Lamb, Hannah Cowie, Amelia
Perrin, Fiona Chestnutt, [Cox] Emily Soppitt
2018Open Quad- Final B5thAlfie Brown, Mat Day, Hugo Storey, Alex Laws
2018Open Quad- Final A6thJames Stevenson, Adam Kennedy, Rob Fuller, Ryan Ballantine
2018Open Eights- Final B1stOliver Costley, Bruce Turnell, Freddie Strawson,
David Willcox, Daniel Graham, Freddie Allinson, Will
Stewart, Charlie Baker, [Cox] Samuel Shuker
2016Women's Double- Final F4thSofia Turner, Kelsey Stoddart
2016Women's Double- Final E3rdLydia Davies, Brega Mullan
2016Open Double- Final C1stLivio La Padula, Ollie Varley
2016Women's Double- Final C3rdNicole Lamb, Emily Ford
2016Women's Double- Final C4thLola Anderson, Matilda Martin
2016Open Coxless Fours- Final C3rdWill Stewart, Henry Lambe, Mike Trevena, Dave Willcox
2016Open Coxless Fours- Final C5thRob Fuller, Tom Long, Barney Stroud-Turp, James Stevenson
2016Open Coxless Fours- Final A6thAlex Haynes, Will New, James Rudkin, Oli Knight
2016Women's Coxless Fours- Final A5thHarriet Roddy, Natasha Harris-White, Megan Barry, Georgia Mulraine
2016Women's Coxless Fours- Final A6thChloe Deyermond, Frances Russell, Kate Wooley, Lianne Knight
2016Open Quads- Final E1stDavid Gilliland, Fred Crawshaw, Robbie Britton, Will Johnston
2016Open Eights- Final E1stS. Casey, J. Steel, H. Storey, E. Johnson, A. Spencer, J.
Waller, R. Fisher, F. Beaty, [Cox] W. Burden
2016Open Eights- Final D1stH. Oliver, T. Long, M. Trevena, B. Holt, H. Lambe, W.
Irving, W. Stewart, J. Stevenson, [Cox] H. Taylor
2016Women's Eights- Final C3rdN. Harris-White, C. Browne, L. Anderson, H.
Aubrook, K. Bulmer, C. Deyermond, L. Kindleyside,
H. Roddy, C. Hill
2016Women's Eights- Final B2ndF. Russell, G. Hall, L. Knight, M. Barry, G. Mulraine, N.
Lamb, E. Ford, M. Martin, [Cox] S. Adwani
2016Women's Eights- Final B5thL. Davis, S. Denton-Chandler, P. Truett, B. Mullan, S.
Turner, F. Chestnutt, K. Stoddart, R. Webb, G.
2016Open Quads- Final C2ndJack Smith, Ryan Ballantine, Adam Kennedy, Rob Fuller
2016Open Eights- Final B1stL. La Padula, O. Varley, B. Stroud-Turp, W. New, A.
Haynes, D. Willcox, J. Rudkin, O. Knight, [Cox] A.
2015Open Univ Eight (A)6thTom Mountain, William New, Russell Orr Burns, Alex Slater, Henry Lambe, Ed Davies, Barnaby Stroud-Turp, Joseph Anderson, [Cox] Calum McRoberts
2015Open U23 Lightweight Coxless Four1stRory Kempson, Joseph Anderson, Barnaby Stroud-Turp, Ollie Varley
2015Open U23 Quad (B)8thAlastair Brown, Ryan Parkinson, James Stevenson, Connor Gamble
2015Open U23 Quad (A)3rdThomas James, James Robson, James Rudkin, Alexander Haynes
2015Open Lightweight Quad4thThomas Hutchinson, Rory Kempson, Ollie Varley, Jack Smith
2015Women's Open Eight (A)6thRachel Webb, Kelsey Stoddart, Matilda Martin, Megan Barry, Imogen Leigh, Emily Ford, Georgia Mulraine, Helen O?Riordan, Sasha Adwani
2015Open Univ Eight (B)5thWill Stewart, Alexander Bain, Ronan Mellows, Joseph Rolt, William Johnston, Yannick Thompson, Ben Maxwell, Anthony Anslow-Wilson, [Cox] Alexander Turner
2015Women's Open Eight (B)13thLydia Davis, Leah Kindleyside, Helen Brackenbury, Bridget Stratford, Christa Browne, Katherine Bulmer, Elizabeth Dobson, Harriet Roddy, Eleanor Wood
2015Womens U23 Coxless Four2ndGeorgia Mulraine, Helen O?Riordan, Matilda Martin, Emily Ford
2015Open U23 Coxless Four (B)3rdThomas James, James Robson, Alex Slater, Alex Haynes
2015Open U23 Coxless Four (A)1stNEW/RGU/EHU/ULO Composite:ÿRichard Clarke (ULO), Rufus Scholefield (EHU), James Rudkin (NEW), Lewis McCue (RGU)
2015Women's Open Eight (C)12thNEW/TYN Composite:ÿOlivia Capocci (TYN), Elizabeth Fuller (TYN), Julia Symons (TYN), , Claudia Turley (TYN), Hatty Lord (NEW), Lucy Barnard (TYN), Kate Riley (NEW), Brega Mullan (NEW), Georgina Lowen (NEW)
2014Womens U23 Coxless Four2ndKatherine Bulmer, Helen O Riordan, Emily Ford, Grace Hockenhull
2014Open U23 Lightweight Double8thRory Kempson, Ali Brown
2014Open Coxless Four12thBen Maxwell, James Robson, Tim Clarke, Alex Leigh
2014Open U23 Coxless Four1stSamuel Wilson, Oli Knight, Tom Ford, James Rudkin
2014Open U23 Lightweight Coxless Four1stTom Mountain, Joseph Anderson, Barnaby Stroud-Turp, George Patrick
2014Open Eight (with Blue Star Club)21stAlastair Brown (NEW), Alexander Bain (NEW), Jamie Evans (NEW), Daniel Fisher (BSC), Thomas James (NEW),ÿJulian MacBride (BSC), Thomas Hutchinson (BSC), Rufus Eadie (NEW), Tommy Reeves (NEW)
2014Womens University Eight1stSarah Fabes, Natasha Harris-White, Martha Dixon, Katherine Bulmer, Helen O Riordan,ÿBridget Stratford, Emily Ford, Grace Hockenhull, Sasha Adwani
2014Open University Eight (A)2ndBarnaby Stroud-Turp, Oli Knight, Samuel Wilson, James Robson, James Rudkin,ÿTom Ford, Tim Clarke, Alex Leigh, Calum McRoberts
2014Open University Eight (B)6thTom Mountain, Joseph Anderson, Ben Maxwell, Fraser Morgan, Ronan Mellows,ÿEd Davies, Michael Trevena, George Patrick, Alexander Turner
2013Open U23 Coxless Four1stJasper Holst, James Rudkin, Tom Ford, Sam Arnot
2013Womens University Eight2ndRosie Rust, Georgia Parry, Helen O Riordan, Emily Ford, Natalie Hardy, Philippa Neill, Gemma Hall, Nicole Lamb, Alexandra Dobson
2013Open U23 Quad7thBarnaby Stroud-Turp, Joseph Anderson, Matthew Smith, George Patrick
2013Womens U23 Coxless Four1stNatalie Hardy, Philipa Neill, Gemma Hall, Nicole Lamb
2013Open U23 Lightweight Coxless Four2ndBarnaby Stroud-Turp, Joseph Anderson, Matthew Smith, George Patrick
2013Open University Eight3rdSamuel Wilson, Will Anslow-Wilson, James Reeder, Florian Reinecke, Sam Arnot,ÿJames Rudkin, Jasper Holst, Tom Ford, Tommy Reeves
2012Open U19 Double3rdEd Munno, James Rudkin
2012Open University Eight5thSamuel Wilson, Alex Leigh, Pete Muhley, ÿJames Reeder, Sam Arnot, Tom Ford, Tim Clarke, Nick Buckle,ÿCourtney Dowinton
2012Womens University Eight1st
2012Womens U23 Coxless Four1stNicole Lamb, Georgia Parry, Philippa Neill, Harriet Broad
2012Open U23 Coxless Four1stJames Reeder, Tim Clarke, Sam Arnot, Tom Ford
2012Womens U23 Lightweight Double4thGemma Hall, Rosie Rust
2012Open U23 Lightweight Double5thNick Buckle, George Patrick

BUCS / BUSA - UK University Championships

YearEventGoldSilverBronzeMedalsPointsVL Position  
2016BUCS HeadMC4-, MLwt4-, MInt4x (A Crew), MInt4+, MInt8+ (2nd VIII), WInt8+, MB8+,MC8+, MInt8+ (3rd VIII), WC4-, WB4+, MB4+,MC4+, MInt4x (B Crew), WC8+, WC4x, WB8+,17112
2016BUCS RegattaMLwt8+, WInt8+, MC4x, MLwt4x, MLwt4-, WInt2-, MLwtInt1x,MC4+, WC4+, WInt4x, MB4+,MC8+, MInt8+, WC4x, MInt4x, MLwt2-, MC2x, MB8+, WB8+, WB4+,20208113
2015BUCS HeadMC4-, MC4+, MInt4+, MLwt4-, MC8+, MInt8+ (2nd VIII)MInt8+ (3rd VIII) WC4-, WC4+,WInt8+, WInt4+1211
2015BUCS RegattaMC 4-, MInt 4x, ML 2-,MC 8+, WC 8+, WInt 8+, WB 8+, MInt 4+, WInt 4x, ML 2-MInt 8+, MB 8+, MC 4+, ML 4-, MC 4x, MInt 4x, WC 4-, WB 4+,18183212
2015BUCS IndoorsWC (Emily Ford),MTeam (James Robson, Ed Johnson, James Rudkin, Barnaby Stroud-Turp)2
2014BUCS Small Boats HeadWL 1x1
2014BUCS HeadRace CancelledMens VL*Womens VL*
2014BUCS Regatta
2013BUCS Small Boats HeadWL 2x, WL 1xML 2x3204
2013BUCS HeadMC 4+, MC 4-, MI 8+, MI 4+, WC 4+ML 4-, WC 8+, ML 4x, WL 4-,MC 8+,10
2013BUCS Regatta
2012BUCS HeadMC 8+, MC 4+, MI 8+, MI 4+MC 4-, LW 4x,WC 4x, WC 8+, WB 4+9100
2012BUCS RegattaMC 8+, MC 4-, MI 8+, MC 2-,MC 4+, WC 8+, LW 2-, MI 4x,MI 4+, MC 4-, LM 2-,171492
2011BUCS HeadMC 4+WL 4x, MI 4+, WB 4+MC 8+, MC 4-, WC 4x, WB 8+874
2011BUCS RegattaMC 2-, MC 4+, MC 8+WC 2-, WC 4-, MI 2-, MB 8+ML 4-, MI 8+, WB 8+101184
2011BUCS Small Boat HeadMC 2-WL 1x, MC 2-, LW 2x, WC 2-550
2011BUCS IndoorsLwt Women120
2010BUCS HeadMC 4xMC 4-, WC 8+, MI 8+MC 4+575
2010BUCS RegattaMC 2-, MC 4+, MI 2-WC 8+, MC 4x, MC 4-, MI 4x, WB 1xWC 4+, MC 2x, ML 2-111253
2010BUCS Small Boat HeadMC 2-MC 2x, WL 2xWC 2x, WL 1x544
2010BUCS IndoorsLwt WomenHwt Men218
2009BUCS RegattaMC 2xWL 2-MC 2-, MC 4x, MC 1x, WC 1x, MI 8+, MB 1x,ÿWB 4+MC 4-, MI 4x, WI 8+, WB 8+13982
2009BUCS Small Boat HeadMC 2xMC 1xMC 2-MC 1x426
2008BUCS HeadMC 4xMC 8+, WC 4x348
2008BUCS RegattaMC 4x, MC 4+, MC 2-, MC 2x, MJ 1x, WJ 1x,ÿWJ 2x,ÿMJ 4x,ÿWJ 2-WC 2x, WC 1x, WC 4x, MN 1x, WN 1xWC 2-, WC 4-, WJ 1x171372
2008BUCS Small Boat HeadMC 2-, WC 2x216
2007BUSA HeadMC 4x1316
2007BUSA RegattaMJ 1x, WJ 2x, WN 8+, WFR 8+, MFR 8+ (s), WFR 8+ ÿ(s)MC 8+, MC 4-, MC 4x, WC 2x, MC 1x, MJ 1x,ÿWJ 8+,ÿMJ 4x,ÿWN 4+WC 2-MJ 2xWJ 2-MN 1xMJ 4x20842
2007National IndoorsWomen, Fresher WomenFresher Men, Lwt MenMen538
2007BUCS Small Boats HeadWC 2-MC 1x, WC 2x331
2006BUSA HeadMC 1xMC 2xMC 4xMC 8+MC 1x513.52
2006BUSA RegattaMC 2x, MC 4x, ML 2-, MJ 1x, MN 8+, MN 1xMJ 8+, WJ 2x, MJ 2x, MJ 1xML 1x, ML 2-, WJ 2x, WC 4x (s), WC 8+ ÿ(s)15135
2006BUSA Small Boats HeadMC 1x, MC 2x, ML 2-ML 2x, MC 2-WC 2x, MC 2x, MC 1x874
2006BUSA IndoorsWomenMen23
2005BUSA HeadWFR 8+1
2005BUSA RegattaMC 2xMC 2-2314
2004BUSA RegattaWN 8+, WN 4+, MJ 4+MC 2-, MC 1x5210
2003BUSA RegattaMJ 4+114
2002BUSA RegattaMC 8+117
2001BUSA RegattaMJ 8+WC 1x2212
2000BUSA RegattaWC 1x, WJ 8+, WJ 4xÿWC 8+43
1999BUSA RegattaMC8+, MN8+, WC 2-WC 8+45
1998BUSA RegattaWN8+MC8+, MN8+, WC2-42
1997BUSA RegattaMN8+1

Head of the River Race

Year1st 82nd 83rd 84th 85th 8Total CrewsPennants 
20199244168299 +23 Women's crewsLightweight Pennant
20181522293390302Lightweight Pennant
2017Race cancelled
201613154386212335Intermediate 2
20141519Race abandonedÿ70
2013Race cancelled
201022104209274388Intermediate 2, Halliday
200837214242410Senior 3
200711Race abandonedÿ29
200617190296192406Senior 2, University
2004Race cancelled
1992No entry400

Women's Eights Head of the River Race

Year1st 82nd 83rd 84th 8Total CrewsPennants
2019Race Cancelled
2017152651101296Novice Academic
201681841196299Novice Academic
201497651DNS241University, Novice Academic
2013570ÿ151320University (DSQ)
201125106252296Novice Academic
2005No entry249
2002Race cancelled
1993No entry

Boat Race of the North

YearRace Number
Clasper TrophyChambers TrophyRenforth TrophyTaylor TrophyMen's 2nd EightWomen's 2nd EightOverall
201919NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201818NewcastleNewcastlen/an/an/an/aNewcastle Win
201717NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleDurhamNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201616NewcastleNewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastleNewcastleNewcastle Win
201515NewcastleNewcastleDurhamDurhamn/an/aDraw - Newcastle retain the Trophy
2014++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2013++------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2012++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
2011++-------Not contested. Newcastle retain the Trophy
201014DurhamDurhamNewcastleNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Newcastle retain the Trophy
200913NewcastleNewcastleNewcastleDurhamn/an/aNewcastle Win
200812DurhamDurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
200711NewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Durham Retain the Trophy
200610DurhamDurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20059NewcastleDurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/aDraw - Durham Retain the Trophy
20048DurhamDurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20026DurhamDurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/aDurham Win
20015DurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win
19993DurhamNewcastleDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win
19982DurhamDurhamNewcastlen/an/an/aDurham Win
19971DurhamDurhamDurhamn/an/an/aDurham Win