We wanted to put this page together so that it can serve as a source that answers most basic questions that we get asked by prospective students. We hope it is of use to anyone looking at Newcastle University. Please also click here to find our page on All Mark One.




When is preseason?

Preseason will usually commence in the first few days of September. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know other freshers but also the rest of the squad and coaches.

Do you cut athletes?

NUBC will never cut athletes. We welcome anyone from any rowing background. All we ask is you turn up to all of the training with the right attitude.

What is the program like?

We train every day either on the water, in our new ergo room or in the gym with the University S&C coaches

What boats do you have?

We are able to put all our athletes out in Hudson shells. We currently have three Hudson USP eights with Hudson SP’s for the other eights and every other boat class.

Is it difficult to fit in training with uni work?

All of our training is done in the morning or in the evening. This means that all of our students can balance their university work and attend all their lectures.

Are Scholarships available?

Yes, the university supports performance athletes with their training and academics.

How far is the Boat Club from campus?

It is about a 20 minutes car journey or a half hour cycle. When we go down to the water, older athletes will give lifts down in cars so there is no need to use public transport.

Do Lightweights and Heavyweights train together?

The lightweights train on the same program as the heavyweights.

Are you mainly a sweep or sculling club?

We predominantly do sweep but we do race in sculling boats at major races through the year.

Can I join for a semester while I’m on exchange?

Yes! We welcome all Newcastle students, regardless of how long you are in Newcastle for.

What is the Blue Star Club?

Our alumni club, The Blue Star Club has been granted charitable status due to the tireless work they do to support NUBC. Without them we would not be in the position we are in today. They help to provide finances for new boats and equipment. We are proud to have the best alumni network in the country and proud they race under the Blue Star across the country.