Henley Women’s Regatta & Marlow Regatta 2019

Henley Women’s Regatta saw the culmination of one of the best seasons our Women’s squad has had. Results like these don’t come without self sacrifice throughout the year and all those who raced down the white boomed course are a credit to the Blue Star and everything that it stands for

Academic 8- Finalists
Lwt 2- Finalists
Champ 8 – semi- finalists
Champ 4x (Lola Anderson) WINNERS
Champ 8+ WINNERS (Nicole Lamb – alumni)


Across at Eton, Dorney the men’s squad were racing at Marlow Regatta.

Temple A 5th Champ 8+

Temple B Tier 2 7th

Temple C Tier 2 13th

P.o.W 11th Champ 4x