BUCS Head 2019

Gloucester Rowing Club played host to this year's BUCS Head, following the three year success of the event on the Tyne.  Terrible weather and other factors led to one of the most eventful BUCS Heads in recent years.




Saturday saw the Women's novice quad take to the water.  Over the short course, they put together a performance that saw them finish a very creditable  8th place in Women's Beginner Quads.

Division 1 on Sunday saw the Men's Champ Quad and all our Women's Eights racing.  The Champ Quad, in its new combination raced well against the clubs with outstanding sculling pedigree and placed 4th.  The Women's First Eight raced well in a tough field and matched their result from BUCS Regatta, coming 3rd. However, it was the 2nd VIII who stole the honours in the first division, winning Intermediate 8s over Edinburgh University.  This meant that both the Women's 1st and 2nd VIIIs were faster than Durham's top boat.  The 3rd and 4th VIIIs raced respectively to 5th equal and 16th.  These excellent results bode well as the Women turn their attention to WEHORR in a couple of weeks time.


Division saw the rest of the Men's small boats take to the water.  NUBC was represented by two crew in Champ Coxless Fours.  The 'B' crew placed 9th and the 'A' boat picked up from where they left off at Rutherford Head by winning the event.  Both the Champ and Intermediate Coxed Fours placed fifth in their respective races.  The Lightweights were entered into two Coxless Fours and raced well in the always competitive field.  They finished 3rd and 4th in their event.


Racing was cancelled after Division due to weather conditions so the total medal count from BUCS Head was 2 Gold & 2 Bronze.