Blue Star Foundation

Since 2014, the Blue Star Club has been encouraging alumni to donate to support the work of NUBC and the continued success of rowing at Newcastle University.  In 2018, it was agreed to formalise this fundraising by creating a separate charity to receive and look after these donations. This successfully concluded in November that year with the creation of the Blue Star Foundation (charity number 1180737) as a separate entity from Blue Star Club.

Month on month, the number of donors has grown from a founding four individuals to over 60 donating alumni. As a result, the Foundation has received over £30,000 in donations and successfully purchased two boats for NUBC: a pair (named Tim Clarke) and a four (named Emily Ford), both aimed to benefit the women’s/men’s lightweight rowing squads.

How to donate

At the moment, all fundraising is done by bank transfer as this ensures 100% of donations go to the Foundation, with no card or transaction fees. If you would like to donate, please email the Foundation for these details.

The Trustees encourage regular monthly donations from contributors via bank standing orders, to ensure the Foundation can provide support to NUBC over the long-term. Any amount is welcome, but donors who give at least £5 a month will be eligible to receive the prestigious Blue Star pin badge. The average donor gives around £15 a month.

Gift aid

As a registered charity, donors to the Foundation can enable it to reclaim gift aid on their donations, so long as they are a UK tax payer. This will enable the Foundation to claim an extra 25% on donations received.

All donors need to do is complete this online form. Alternatively, they can download this paper form and return it to the Foundation by email.


The Foundation is a full charity, registered with the Charity Commission (number 1180737). The Foundation is controlled by donating alumni and it is independent of NUBC and Newcastle University.

The Foundation is managed by 8 Trustees, who are elected at the AGM each year by all alumni who donate regularly. The Trustees elected at the 2019 AGM are:

  • Charles Barry (Chair)
  • Minna Jones-Walters
  • Fred Gill
  • Will Reid
  • Charlotte Hill
  • Barnaby Stroud-Turp
  • James Reeder
  • Chris Morahan

The Foundation is run in accordance with its Constitution and grant-making policy. Its last AGM was held on 12 November 2019 in London.


For further information about the Blue Star Foundation, please either contact Charles Barry on behalf of the Trustees or subscribe to the alumni mailing list.