Blue Star Club

Blue Star Club is the official alumni boat club of Newcastle University, and NUBC prides itself on credibly having the best alumni rowing club in the UK. It offers alumni a flag of convenience to row together, and a lasting connection to the NUBC community. Furthermore, it offers alumni active in the Newcastle area the opportunity to use NUBC facilities to row on the River Tyne.

Blue Star crews race regularly and have competed at Rutherford Head, Henley Town and Visitors (where the Club has won alumni 8s for three consecutive years), Henley Royal Regatta, the British Senior Rowing Championships and Trinity Regatta in Ireland. In October 2019, the Club was able to field three alumni 8s at the Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, USA. The Club hopes to further grow and develop the new category of alumni racing within the UK.

The Club is run informally and any NUBC alumni are welcome to get involved and race. Crews tend to be self-organising and self-funded, borrowing boats from other clubs for specific races.

Although it has existed for some time informally, the club was first formally structured in 2011 and held its first Committee elections in 2014. The Club is governed according to its Constitution and is managed by its Committee. The current Committee, elected at the 2019 AGM, is:

  • President – Fred Gill
  • Vice President – Minna Jones-Walters
  • Treasurer – Will Reid
  • Secretary – Charles Barry
  • Women's Captain - Megan Barry
  • Men's Captain - Nathan O'Reilly
  • Publicity Officer - Barnaby Stroud-Turp

For more information about Blue Star Club, please contact Charles Barry, Club Secretary on the email address: 

The most recent Club AGM was held on 12 November 2019 in London. For the meeting documents and further details, please subscribe to the alumni mailing list or contact the Club Secretary.