The Club Constitution

Club Constitution

1.0 Name and objects of the Club
1.1 The Club’s name is Newcastle University Boat Club, henceforth referred to as ‘the Club’.
1.2 The Club’s emblem is a 5-pointed star in royal blue on a white background.
1.3 The Club’s crest consists of Newcastle University’s Shield with two Club blades behind.
1.4 The Club’s colours are red, royal blue and white.

2.0 Objectives of the Club
2.1 The Objectives of the club are:
2.1.1 To enable members of the Club to train and row competitively together as
representatives of Newcastle University;
2.1.2 To assist in the safe introduction of members to the sport of rowing;
2.1.3 To provide opportunities for members of the Club to meet and participate in rowing
activities together, and to meet socially;
2.1.4 To represent its members to the governing body of British Rowing and other external
2.1.5 To maintain links between former members or alumni of Newcastle University and the
current membership.

3.0 Powers of the Club
3.1 To further its Objectives, the Club may:
3.1.1 Act on behalf of and in the interests of its members;
3.1.2 Act as the official channel of communication between British Rowing and its members;
3.1.3 Employ or engage the services of professional or volunteer coaches;
3.1.4 Write, make, commission, print, publish or distribute physical or electronic media;
3.1.5 Organise events, charge admission for entry and sell items at such events;
3.1.6 Enter into arrangements for the purposes of receiving sponsorship;
3.1.7 Enter into arrangements with Newcastle University;
3.1.8 Purchase and sell items of clothing;
3.1.9 Purchase, sell or lease equipment and other items necessary for or supplementary to
rowing activities;
3.1.10 Provide training or other activities that are educational in any aspect of rowing;
3.1.11 Charge a membership fee and other fees as condition of membership;
3.1.12 Operate bank accounts and other facilities for banking, and all implied functions therein;
3.1.13 Set aside funds for special purposes or invest funds for future use;
3.1.14 Take out insurance or other policies for the protection of its equipment and other assets;
3.1.15 Encourage contributions to its funds by way of subscription or donation;
3.1.16 Accept or decline gifts of money or property or other assets;
3.1.17 All other such lawful things as required from time to time to further its Objectives.
3.2 The Club may enter into contracts in the due course of the exercise of its powers.

4.0 Membership of the Club
4.1 Membership of the Club will be open to members of Newcastle University Students’ Union
(‘NUSU’), in accordance with its Constitution and the Constitution of its Athletic Union (‘AU’).
4.2 Members must be aware of the risks involved in rowing, and must at least verbally
acknowledge that they have read the Club’s safety policy.
4.3 Membership is only open to under-18s in accordance with NUSU policy.
4.4 Membership will be conditional upon payment of a membership fee, which will be
determined from time to time by the Committee. The date of collection of such fees will be
determined by the Committee. Failure to pay by the specified date will invalidate the
membership of any person.
4.5 Honorary membership may be conferred upon any individual at the discretion of the
Committee. Honorary members may be exempted from paying a membership fee.

5.0 Management of the Club
5.1 A Committee of Management (‘the Committee’) is responsible for the management of the
Club’s affairs in all matters, financial or otherwise.
5.2 Within the framework of the NUSU Constitution, AU Constitution and any arrangements
entered into with Newcastle University, the decisions of the Committee with regards to the
Club are absolute and final and not subject to challenge.
5.3 The membership of the Committee is limited to the Student Officers of the Club. The Head
Coach or a guest of any Officer may sit in attendance at any meeting with the consent of the
5.4 The day-to-day management of the Club is delegated to the Executive Committee, which is
composed of the President, Secretary, Treasurer, the Men’s Captain and the Women’s
5.5 The President will chair all meetings of the Committee and the Executive Committee, and
will appoint a replacement if he is absent from any meeting.
5.6 No money will be paid to any member of the Club from Club funds except to recompense
legitimate and reasonable out-of-pocket expenditure incurred on Club business.
5.7 Any matter not provided for in this Constitution will be decided upon by the Committee.

6.0 Club Officials
6.1 The following positions exist as the Student Officers of the Club:
6.1.1 President;
6.1.2 Treasurer;
6.1.3 Secretary;
6.1.4 Men’s Captain;
6.1.5 Women’s Captain;
6.1.6 Safety Officer;
6.1.7 Friends and Alumni Officers;
6.1.8 Social Secretaries (two places);
6.1.9 Kit and Merchandise Officers (two places);
6.1.10 Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer (two places);
6.1.11 Publicity Officer;
6.1.12 Novice Men’s Captain;
6.1.13 Novice Women’s Captain;
6.1.14 Welfare Officer (two places).
6.2 All Student Officer positions, except for the two Novice Captains, will be filled by votes
conducted using the ‘Alternative Vote’ method at the Club’s Annual General Meeting. Reopen
nominations will always be an option on the ballot paper.
6.3 The Novice Captain positions will be filled by a vote in their respective squads held in the
first term of the academic year.
6.4 The term of all positions starts in July of each year, to last one year, with a handover period
beginning after the AGM, (except that the Novice Captains’ terms will start upon election
and last until July).
6.5 All Student Officers must be fully valid members of NUSU and be undertaking studies at
Newcastle University for the duration of their term, except captains who can be nonstudents.

6.6 The Committee, or a General Meeting, may hold a vote of no confidence to remove a person
from an Officer position. Such a vote in Committee requires a three-quarters majority to
pass in a meeting convened specifically for the purpose.
6.7 If needed, the Committee may appoint by co-option another valid member of the Club to
hold a vacant position for the remainder of its term.
6.8 All coaching positions exist as Officials of the Club and may act in an official capacity where
so authorised.

7.0 Duties and powers of Club Officials
7.1 Within the duties set out below any Official may act as he or she sees fit on behalf of the
Club, subject to the review of the President.
7.2 The Committee may specify further duties for any Official as and when required.
7.3 The duties of the President are:
7.3.1 To guide the Club’s activities in the advancement of the Club’s objectives and the general
interest of its members;
7.3.2 To ensure that the Club’s policies and Constitution are being adhered to;
7.3.3 To ensure that all Officer positions are filled;
7.3.4 To chair Committee and Executive Committee meetings and any General Meetings.
7.4 The duties of the Treasurer are:
7.4.1 To administer the Club’s finances as required by its activities;
7.4.2 To ensure the probity of the Club’s finances;
7.4.3 To produce the annual financial report to be presented to the Committee.
7.5 The duties of the Secretary are:
7.5.1 To manage all general administration;
7.5.2 To minute all Committee meetings, and circulate them to the Committee afterwards;
7.5.3 To be the primary communication between the Club and British Rowing;
7.5.4 To be responsible for race entries.
7.6 The duties of the Men’s, Women’s, Novice Men’s and Novice Women’s Captains are:
7.6.1 To be the primary link between their squads and their coach;
7.6.2 To organise training sessions for their squad;
7.6.3 To organise accommodation for trips away for their squad.
7.7 The duties of the Safety Officer are:
7.7.1 To keep accurate records of incidents, equipment failures;
7.7.2 To oversee the safe loading of all trailers;
7.7.3 To ensure that the Club adheres to its safety policy;
7.7.4 To be responsible for any insurance claims;
7.7.5 To ensure all equipment is in place and any loaned equipment is returned;
7.7.6 To be responsible for any risk assessments and other safety requirements;
7.7.7 To update the Club safety policy and ensure all members understand it.
7.8 The Social Secretaries have the duty of the overall organisation of social events.
7.9 The duties of the Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer are:
7.9.1 To obtain sponsorship for the Club;
7.9.2 To raise money for the Club by organising fundraising events.
7.10 The duties of the Publicity Officer are:
7.10.1 To promote and advertise the activities of the Club;
7.10.2 To make known any results the Club achieves;
7.10.3 To help target recruitment for potential members at Freshers’ Fair and national events.
7.11 The Kit and Merchandise Officers have the duty of designing, ordering and selling kit and
merchandise to members, parents of members and alumni.
7.12 The duties of the Friends and Alumni Officers are:
7.12.1 To maintain contact with the Club’s alumni;
7.12.2 To take matters to the Friends Committee;
7.12.3 To encourage and promote membership of Blue Star Club to the alumni;
7.12.4 To encourage donations from alumni to the Club.
7.13 The duties of the Welfare Officers are;
7.13.1 To look out for the welfare of members of the club;
7.13.2 To make the committee aware of university regulations regarding member welfare.
7.14 The duties of the Head Coach are:
7.14.1 To organise and decide upon the overall training programme;
7.14.2 To decide upon races to enter and select crews accordingly;
7.14.3 To appoint and manage a team of coaches;
7.14.4 To set and update a strategic plan for the Club;
7.14.5 To recommend new equipment for purchase.

8.0 Rules of the Club
8.1 The Committee may make rules which are binding upon the members of the Club.
8.2 These rules must be prominently displayed in the Boathouse.
8.3 The terms of this Constitution are binding upon all the members of the Club, as are any
policies or decisions determined under its provisions.

9.0 General Meetings
9.1 A General Meeting of the Club is any meeting of the Club’s membership as a whole.
9.2 A General Meeting may be called for by the Committee or by petition of at least 15
9.3 Upon receipt of such a petition, the Committee will meet to organise the meeting.
9.4 To be properly convened, the time, date and location of the meeting must be circulated at
least one week in advance. An invitation for business must be sent out with the notice of the
meeting. The agenda for the meeting must be circulated at least one day in advance of the
9.5 At all General Meetings, each fully-paid up member of the Club will have one vote, and no
person may exercise more than one vote.
9.6 The quorum for all general meetings is 25% of the Club’s fully paid-up members.
9.7 A General Meeting may remove or appoint Officers, and may set policies or make decisions
which are binding upon the Committee, Officials or the Club as a whole.
9.8 An Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) is called by the Committee in May or June of each year,
with the agenda set for holding elections for the club positions.

10.0 Alumni organisations
10.1 A grouping of alumni, known as Friends of NUBC or the Friends Committee, meets from time
to time to provide the Club with long-term strategic advice. Such meetings are called for by
the President and governed by the Friends Constitution. The President, Secretary, Treasurer
and Friends and Alumni Officers will be the representatives from NUBC to this Committee.
10.2 The Club recognises Blue Star Club as the only alumni boat club for Newcastle University,
and aims to increase membership amongst its alumni, but respects that Blue Star Club has
the right to manage its own affairs.

11.0 Amendments
11.1 This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote in any General Meeting