Sasha Adwani

"I originally started rowing at headington school when I was 11, but the coaches quickly realised that I was a ‘little’ too small to compete as a rower! I tried coxing & absolutely loved it, 11 years down the line & I’m still going!

I’m quite outgoing & very competitive & being good at time management helps, but the best part about coxing is that you can bring your personality into it! There are so many aspects to the role, from the coaching side to the motivational side, so any personality fits!

I went to Newcastle because of its reputation as one of the top rowing universities in the U.K. Over the 3 years, I was privileged to cox the Womens 1st VIII winning medals at BUCS events!

I also attended GB trials with the support of the club & was selected to cox the W8+ at the U23 world championships in 2016 & 2017 resulting in me winning a silver medal.

My favourite race at Newcastle was definitely the Boat Race Of The North! Racing under the iconic bridges at Newcastle quayside against rivals Durham university, with the banks lined by locals & students cheering you on, is an experience like no other! It definitely made me proud to be part of Newcastle university!

Coxing has developed my confidence and leadership skills hugely, which I have been able to apply in my life post university too. It’s hard to believe that early mornings & cold weather can be enjoyable but the ethos of the sport attracts individuals who are driven & committed - being surrounded by & motivating these athletes through a tough session is extremely rewarding!

Without a doubt, my uni experience would not have been the same without joining NUBC. It’s an amazing way to settle into university, with a great social calendar alongside the training. Despite graduating 2 years ago, I am still in regular contact with alumni & current members. You are part of a huge family & make friends for life."