Sam Shuker

"I started in January of 2014, after I chose rowing as a sport at my secondary school. I was a little smaller than everyone else and was asked to give coxing a try by my coach. But it was my 3 years in my schools first VIII that really got me into coxing, that time helped me to improve and mature as a cox as suddenly the stakes where far higher than before. When my time at school ended I wanted to continue with rowing as a sport and Newcastle University seemed like the perfect place.

I joined NUBC at the end of 2018, and I was greeted by a very friendly atmosphere that was very welcoming to all the new rowers. I was able to improve upon the experience I had already and was put into the clubs first VIII early into the season, with the senior members of the club being very helpful, friendly and able to give me great feedback. I then went to cox the first VIII at the British championships and to a win at Rutherford head. Coxing suited my personality because I like to help others improve and I can be quite bossy at times, this seat allows me to do both as you become a second coach to the rowers, giving them feedback and making the boat go faster as the year goes on.

My most memorable moments coxing so far have been my Henley Royal Regatta debut when I was just 16 and my final race with my school, also at Henley, that last race means so much to me because it was the culmination of such a great year and we performed with everything we had.

I think people should go and give coxing a go at Newcastle because it gives them the opportunity to be a part of a great club, be a part of a successful program and because simply it can be great fun. I personally am looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store has for me coxing at Newcastle."