Rutherford Head 2017

This weekend saw the first race of the year for the whole Boat Club. Rutherford Head, run by Tyne Rowing Club, is over 4,500 metres from Blaydon bridge to Newburn bridge and brings strong competition from across the country to test all our squads. With the Boat Club fielding 9 eights, this was a key marker for the rest of the year.

The first division started with the five men’s eights. The 1st eight had a very strong performance, finishing 2nd, beating Edinburgh and Durham, following a fast University of London crew. The rest of the men’s eights followed the 1st eight’s strong performance with the 2nd eight winning Band 2 and the 1st Lightweight eight winning Band 3. The 3rd eight came 3rd in Band 3 and the 2nd Lightweight eight won Band 4.

The women’s squad competed in fours and quads for the first division. The quad that came 2nd at Fours Head of the River continued this good form, winning Band 1. The 2nd quad, also in Band 1, finished 3rd and the 1st coxed four came 3rd, in the coxed fours’ Band 1. The 2nd coxed four came fourth in Band 2, the 3rd coxed four came 6th in Band 3 and the coxless four came 5th.

In the second division, it was the turn of the women’s eights to show their speed. The 1st eight came 3rd behind The University of London and Edinburgh, but beating local rival Durham. The 2nd eight came 5th in Band 1 with the 3rd eight replicated this in finishing 3rd in Band 2. The Novice eight with 2 ex-NUBC rowers on board, came 9th in Band 3.

Also in the second division were the men’s fours and quads. The quads performed very well with the 1st quad coming 2nd in Band 1 and the 2nd quad coming 1st in Band 2 with the 3rd quad just behind in 2nd place. The novice quad came 6th in Band 3. Next up, the 1st coxed four came 2nd in Band 1 behind University of London and the 2nd coxed four came 8th in Band 1. Finally, the 3rd coxed four finished 6th in Band 2.

In summary, The Boat Club put out an incredibly strong performance following a tough block of training. We’re pleased with our performances, from the novices who completed their first races all the way through to the top end of the club, winning five events in total.  Following these successes, we’re pleased with the strong marker that has been laid down, as we move on to a large block of training leading over winter.

For full results click here.

Words and photos by David Stephenson