11 boats with Newcastle Athletes will be competing at Henley Royal Regatta in Newcastle, Newcastle Composite and GB U23 boats.

The Newcastle boats entered for the Men’s squad are two Prince Albert coxed Fours, two Temple Eights, a Visitors Coxless Four and a Prince of Wales Quad totalling 36 athletes. The 2nd Prince Albert four will be racing qualifiers at 3:10pm and the 2nd temple eight will be racing at 4:16pm. The Prince of Wales Quad will race qualifiers at 2:55. The 1st Prince Albert Four, 1st Temple Eight and Visitors Four have all pre-qualified.

The Women’s squad are sending the winning Senior Coxless Four from Henley Women’s Regatta and a composite of the Senior Eight and Academic Eight from Henley Women’s Regatta to enter the Remenham Challenge Cup. The eight will be racing qualifiers at 2:28 and the four will be racing at 5pm.

Ollie Varley will be racing in the Double Sculls Challenge Cup with partner Hugo Coussens from Durham University, they will be trying to qualify at 5:05pm.

Sasha Adwani will be coxing a GB u23 eight for the Remenham Challenge Cup.

Some Newcastle alumni will be racing in GB senior boats for Henley Royal Regatta with James Rudkin racing in a Newcastle and Leander composite eight in the Grand Challenge Cup. Sam Arnot will be racing in the Silver Goblets and Nickalls’ Challenge Cup with partner Tom Jeffery.


Words by David Stephenson