Committee 2013/14

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President – andrew ronaldson

Andrew is in his third year, studying Chemical Engineering. A Kingston Grammar alumnus, he began life at NUBC with shoulder-length blonde hair, a skinny frame and seemingly no chat. Since then, he has blossomed into a consistent member of the 2nd VIII, winning BUCS multiple times and even making a brief appearance as a lightweight halfway through last year.

Nicknamed ‘Captain Conservative’, which surprisingly does not refer to his somewhat hidden political beliefs, his similarities to a Victorian gentleman confirm that he will lead the Boat Club onto bigger, better, and grammatically correct things.

secretary- james reeder

Some say he does not sleep at night, rather steps onto an erg to recharge. Others say that he is in possession of a time machine. Regardless of these rumours, it is true that he manages to fit more things into his life than some of us can only dream of.

A fourth year Civil and Structural Engineer, James has been a consistent member of the 1st VIII for two years now. Learning to row at York Rowing Club, his hobbies include cycling, being ginger and spicy food challenges.

treasurer- barnaby stroud-turp

Barney, or to use his full name, “Barnaby Spartacus John James Jupiter Pluto Stroud-Turnip” is a second year medic, and part of our ever expanding lightweight men’s squad (pun intended). Organised and efficient, he hails from Latymer, and is one of three members of the committee to hail from South London.

However, due to his hectic schedule, he sometimes suffers from insomnia. To cure this he uses the soothing noise of whale music to get him to sleep at night, to the despair of his housemates.

Men’s Captain – tom ford

Tom is in his third year, studying Geography and Town Planning. He learnt to row at The Grange School, and is one of three Ford siblings to row for NUBC.

As a member of the 1st VIII for two years, he performed brilliantly at trials last year, and represented GB at U23 level in the VIII, and then went on to win a silver medal at EUSA in the IV.

When not rowing, he can be seen posing outside Tesco’s on one of his large collection of Raleigh bicycles.

Women’s Captain – georgia parry

Georgia ‘Ratty’ Parry took over the responsibilities of Women’s Captain halfway through her second year, and from the start has handled the job perfectly. Her duties range from making sure every member of the women’s squad is up and out of the house at the right time on a hungover Saturday morning, to holding hands and passing tissues to those enduring boy dramas.

A third year Marine Biologist, she can’t seem to stay away from water, and is one of many Headington School alumni to row for NUBC.

Social Secretaries – paul griffiths and tom mountain

Paul Griffiths (right), otherwise known as ‘Tall Paul’, learnt to row at Newcastle, completing his first season of the senior programme last year. A third year Geography and Town Planning student, Paul is the holder of an alarming statistic, he attended the highest number of socials last year. One of the tallest members of the club, this bodes well for him as he is incredibly easy to spot in a nightclub.


As a second year Economics and Maths student, Tom (left) may or may not be a lightweight, nobody is ever sure. Hailing from Dulwich College, he is quite the English Gentleman, and got to the final round of auditions to be the new presenter on The Shipping Forecast.

Kit Officers – liam rose and ed munno

For all who know him will confirm, Ed Munno (right) needs no introduction. A Bedford Modern School alumnus, he represented GB at Junior World’s, winning a silver medal in the VIII. Of Italian descent, he abbreviates almost every word he uses, and is probably the smelliest of the senior men, which is quite an achievement. Studying History and Politics, he is also an Adidas ambassador, proving that his love for all things stash-related is for real.

Liam (left) is a 5th year Medic who moved to NUBC from Durham two years ago with his course. His in-depth knowledge of the human body is incredibly useful and he is often called on to assist Angelo during the latter’s yearly training-plan-explanation. Due to being a final year medic, he has swapped life in the 2nd VIII for coaching the novice women, arguably a much more time consuming job.

Publicity Officer – sally hickey

Sally is a very organised third year student studying Ancient History and Archaeology, well known for her loud mouth and the fact that she is never scared of voicing her opinion. Learning to row at Putney High School, she is a veteran of the Tideway (having sculled on it for 9 years) and has brought a lot to the senior women’s squad in terms of determination and drive.

This year she has moved into the coaching side of life, and is sure to excel as soon as she works out how to start a launch. You can always rely on her and her sometimes controversial ways of persuasion to make sure this club is well publicised.

Alumni Officer – rachel webb

Rachel Webb is another of our rowers to come through the novice system, learning to row in her first year. She is characterised by two traits: her success as a lightweight and her equally drastic ways of getting down to weight. Lettuce soup, beetroot juice, raw coffee beans, Rachel has tried them all. In spite of this, she has had a very successful lightweight career.

In her first year of a two-year masters, her undergraduate degree was in Geography, and her colouring in managed to stay within the lines the entire time.

Sponsorship and Fundraising Officers – nicole lamb and rosie rust

Nicole (right) is one of the highest performing members of the women’s squad. With a stash of Junior World’s medals, she was the stroke of the victorious Women’s Henley IV, and then stroked the GB U23 VIII to a silver medal at U23 Worlds.

She is a third-year biologist, and is writing her dissertation on spiders, despite being terrified of them.

Rosie (left) is another of the top athletes in the women’s squad. She learnt to row at Headington School, and despite being the same weight as a cox, has been a consistent member of the 1st VIII, and has won Henley twice, as well as numerous BUCS medals. Beginning life at Newcastle as a Chemical Engineer, she switched courses after her second year, and has now begun studying Economics and Business Management.

Novice Captains – tbc

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