Committee 2012/13


PRESIDENT – george rossiter


A third year Geography and Economics student, George is one of the most accomplished rowers in the squad. His career started at Abingdon School where he picked up a silver medal in the VIII at the Junior World Championships, and his achievements for NUBC in the past year include stroking the 1st 8 to victory at both BUCS Head and Regatta and achieving a record-breaking 7th place at the Head of the River. He represents GB on a regular basis, and having medalled at the U23 World Rowing Championships two years in a row his is definitely a name to remember.

Outside rowing he is an incredibly sophisticated young man, citing his hobbies as playing the trumpet, piano, and even a hitting a smattering of golf balls once in a blue moon.


TREASURER – andrew ronaldson

As our resident brain box, Andrew ‘Ronards’ Ronaldson is well known for his shock of blond hair which has recently been cut off due to a misplaced apostrophe. A second year Chemical Engineering student, he is one of the most respectable members of the Boat Club; honest, intelligent and extremely gentlemanly. A Kingston Grammar Alumni, he was a member of the2nd VIII that won Intermediate VIIIs at BUCS last year, and of the Henley VIII that made it through to the second round of the Temple Challenge Cup.

SECRETARY – sam wilson

Yet another King’s Chester boy to join NUBC, Sam ‘Weak Face’ Wilson is known for his quiet determination; come wind, rain or shine he will be the first out of the boat bays and the last one in. A second year Mechanical Engineering student, he has a keen eye for organisation and is well known as the nicest boy in the Boat Club.


MEN’S CAPTAIN – Nicholas buckle

Nick Buckle is probably one of the most famous members of NUBC, with the outrageous claim to fame being that during Henley Royal Regatta 2012 he led Harvard ‘A’ by half a length for about 200 metres. A third year English Literature student, he had a very successful 2012, winning Intermediate VIIIs at BUCS and lightweight pairs at the National Championships which led him and partner Matt Smith to be selected to represent England at the Home Countries Regatta. As if this wasn’t enough, he joined Sam in the haf iron man challenge, which he completed in a record time. Apart from this, his hobbies include smiling and being the local club heartthrob.

WOMEN’S CAPTAIN – georgia parry

Georgia ‘Ratty’ Parry took over the responsibilities of Women’s Captain halfway through last year, and from the start has handled the job perfectly. Her duties range from making sure every member of the women’s squad is up and out of the house at the right time on a hungover Saturday morning, to holding hands and passing tissues to those enduring boy dramas.

A third year Marine Biologist, she can’t seem to stay away from water, and is one of many Headington School alumni to row for NUBC.

SOCIAL SECRETARIES – harriet broad AND izzy vyvyan

The two tallest members of the women’s squad, with a combined height of 25ft, Harriet and Izzy are the perfect Social Secretaries as they are the first people you spot in a club, due to them being two heads above everyone else. Both starting as novices in their first year, they worked their way up the squad, culminating in seats in the Women’s Henley winning 1st VIII of 2012.Harriet (left) is in her third year studying Geography with Business and comes from the leafy suburb of Richmond, in London.Izzy (right), also a third year, studies politics and hails from deepest, darkest Yorkshire where she spends her time jumping over fences as there isn’t really much else to do.

KIT OFFICERS – alex leigh and tom ford

Alex and Tom are two of the loudest members in the men’s squad, but what they lack in tact they make up for with their money collecting skills which can be, at times, absolutely terrifying.A third year History student, Alex (left) learnt to row at Yarm School, and is renoun for his ‘Big Mouth’ fund-raising events which began when a simple brag about being able to run a marathon without training turned into a full-scale event, which he duly completed. He has since completed a half iron-man, once again without training, with both of these events raising a lot of money for the Boat Club. As one of the top performing athletes in the men’s squad, he was part of the Prince Albert IV that made it to the final at Henley Royal Regatta last year.Tom (right) learnt to row at The Grange School, mainly to get rid of his puppy fat that led to him resembling an overweight brick. Joining NUBC last year as a Geography and Town Planning student, he sprinted into the first VIII and has recently stepped into the limelight due to his famous ‘manly fist-pump’ dancing that burns as many calories as it does bridges.

SAFETY OFFICER – liam rose

Liam is a 4th year Medic who moved to NUBC from Durham last year with his course. His in-depth knowledge of the human body is incredibly useful and he is often called on to assist Angelo during the latter’s yearly training-plan-explanation.A very well-rounded member of the Boat Club, he shot to fame when it was realised he had rowed the English Channel.
A third member of the Committee who hails from Abingdon School, Tim ‘Timbo Slice’ Clarke is, surprisingly for his 6ft 5in frame, an underground mixed martial arts champion. A second-year nutrition student, he has an unnatural addiction to bacon and can regularly be seen making his way through an entire packet of jammy dodgers. Apart from this, he is one of the top dogs of the senior men making the top IV two years in a row, and represented GB at the World University Championships this summer.

PUBLICITY OFFICER – sally hickey

Sally is a very organised second year student studying Ancient History and Archaeology, well known for her loud mouth and the fact that she is never scared of voicing her opinion.Learning to row at Putney High School, she is a veteran of the Tideway (having sculled on it for 9 years) and has brought a lot to the senior women’s squad in terms of determination and drive. You can always rely on her and her sometimes controversial ways of persuasion to make sure this club is well publicised.

SPONSORSHIP AND FUNDRAISING OFFICERs – nick bartlett and andy hatzis

Nick and Andy are taking on possibly one of the largest and most difficult jobs in on the Committee, as they are responsible for tapping the large resources of income that can be found in sponsorship and fundraising.


Nick (left), a second year Archaeologist, is another member of the NUBC Yorkshire contingent, and learnt to row at York Rowing Club. As one of the most dedicated members of the club, last year he not only served as Safety Officer but also coached the second VIII to win Intermediate VIIIs at BUCS, and into the third round at Henley. However, he is most notorious for taking on the responsibilities of Sponsorship Officer (due to a catastrophic drop-out halfway through the year), organising many events including a 12-hour sponsored row in which he forced the entire Boat Club to hop on an erg, fully lycra-clad, in the middle of Newcastle, much to the delight of onlookers. Although he did raise a lot of money, we still haven’t forgiven him for it.



Andy (right), a fourth year Modern Languages student, learnt to row at Abingdon School, and holds the award for the fattest oarsman to compete at Coup. He won Stan Calvert in his first year (the annual all-sport competition against Northumbria University), and despite this has switched to coaching the novice men, mainly due to his dislike of exercise and love of brightly-coloured chinos. He was also, allegedly, single-handedly responsible for the Greek Economic Crisis in 2008. Nobody knows why.

NOVICE CAPTAINS- Matt price and sally williams

Although he is both the lightest and one of the shortest in the novice men’s squad, Matt, a pschology student, is the unbeaten all-you-can-eat buffet champion in his halls of residence, and he hopes to complete an iron man in the not-too-distant future. He hails from Harrogate in Yorkshire, and is in the early stages of setting up his own t-shirt company.As the novice women’s captain, Sally is always on the go and has a passion for all sports, and a tendency to dance to every beat out there (she even admits to having a cheeky boogie on the erg every now and then). Studying Business Management, she regularly eats uncouth amounts of McDonalds, and is determined to lead the novice women to reach their greatest potential.

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