Committee 2011/2012

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President – Ed Ford

Entering his fourth and possibly final year at Newcastle, Ed has just about seen it all. Wind, snow, flash floods, frozen rivers, nothing really surprises Ed any more, which may explain his predictably unpredictable personality – providing plenty of content to fill his twitter feed, which in recent months has developed a cult following among Peruvian insomniacs. His updates cover broad topics including global geopolitics, his mum’s cooking and maintenance of his cherished windowsill herb garden.

A distinguished and experienced member of the Boat Club, Ed has won several University gold medals, a pennant at the head and set two records at Henley Royal Regatta, and as President this year looks set to lead the rest of the club to follow his him on his path to greater glories.

Treasurer – Charles Barry

A second year Economics student, Charles recently threw out his mattress, preferring to sleep at night on the large piles of Boat Club gold he hoards in his room. The only cox on Committee, Charles makes up for his lack of physical stature by bamboozling his colleagues with words last found in the dictionary in 1843.

As Treasurer, he can be often seen either complaining about the price of, well everything, or wincing at how much money the Club’s latest accident is going to cost. Charles started coxing as a J14 back at King’s School Chester before spending some time at Agecroft Rowing Club and Thames Rowing Club.

Secretary – James Faire

Probably the only member of the Committee who can genuinely claim he has shot something, James is a third year mechanical engineer. A budding army officer to be, he lends an air of military discipline to the Club.

Unfortunately, when this makes contact with the Novice Men’s squad he coaches this can border on being more akin to Dad’s Army than anything the Ministry of Defence might admit into its ranks.

James learnt to row at his alma mater, Eton, before joining the Senior Men’s squad. Looking to broaden his horizons, he switched in his second year to coaching the Novice Men.

Men’s Captain – George Rossiter

A second year Geography and Economics student, George is one of the most accomplished rowers in the squad, having medalled at the U23 World Rowing Championships last year, although he’s more widely known as Matt Rossiter’s younger brother.

Despite this impressive athletic talent he is bizarrely incapable of using most modern technology, meaning his voicemail message is the same as it was when he was 11 years old. What few realise though, is that this apparent technophobia is actually a masterful facade, and that behind it lies a dark secret:  George is not actually a human being. Instead, he is a cyborg terminator robot sent back in time from the year 2089 to assassinate a future Prime Minister.

Women’s Captain – Megan Thompson-Green

Megan is a third year English Literature student. A thoughtful and well-read addition to the Boat Club, Megan’s 2012 season was sadly cut off at the kneecaps by a mysterious illness. However, she continues to support the Boat Club off the water in her capacity as Women’s Captain.

In her spare time she pseudonymously writes romantic novels and travel guides to the lake district.

Her essay ’Withnail and Me: Pronouns in Contemporary Cumbrian Fiction” won the 2010 Cannes Hooker prize for scholarly literary criticism.

Social Secretaries – Flic Warner and Georgia Parry

Felicity ‘Flic’ Warner (left) and Georgia Parry (right) are our two Social Secretaries. So similar in their behaviour and appearance, and so infrequently seen apart, that they are often referred to as just one person, “Florgia”, which in most people’s minds sounds either like the result of some sort of horrific genetic experiment, or a brand of margarine.

Both parts of Florgia attended Headington Girls School, where they got their first morsel of the very acquired taste that is rowing. Joining Newcastle last year, both saw success at BUCS, the Head and the summer races, at the same time deftly executing a star-studded BBQ at Henley Royal Regatta.

It is a mystery of modern medicine as to how both have managed to do all the training and yet still be there at all the socials, right until the end. Perhaps it’s a genetic enhancement.

Kit Officers – Ed Stephenson and Freddy Snowden

Ed ‘Stevo’ Stephenson (left) is a lightweight rower and national champion. Although schooled at Shrewsbury, he was finally taught how to read and write when he arrived in Newcastle. He is single handedly keeping Tunnocks in business, sometimes consuming as much as 80% of his body weight in caramel wafer bars a day.

In a recent NME Poll he was ranked at #17 in “Worst Car Music Compliations Ever”, and holds a land speed record for the 1.2 litre VW Polo category. He proudly hangs every clutch he’s destroyed on his bathroom wall, which at the most recent count numbered 16.

Freddy Snowden (right) is the other half of the “Fredward” collective responsible for designing and distributing the Club’s kit. Joining Newcastle last year, Freddy had an accomplished season featuring BUCS medals and rows at Henley Royal Regatta. A unique trait of his, aside from his fiery red hair, is his highly sensitive skin, which means that he has to wear protective cream at night or risk getting “moon-burn”.

Safety Officer – Nick Bartlett

Nick is a second year archaeology student, whose degree requires a set of skills (finesse, patience and an eye for detail) that could not have less in common with the clunky, aggressive sport he takes part in.

Formerly one with no more time for the intricacies of paperwork and risk assessments than the average man, Nick suffered an unfortunate mountain-biking accident which resulted in him breaking his arm in 7 places.

This ‘road to Damascus moment’ combined with the fact that the hospital library only had the “Public Liability Insurance Almanac 1986-2011″ in stock means that Nick returns to NUBC more literate in the way of Safety than any one man had previously achieved in a lifetime.

As part of his rehabilitation, his arm was augmented with a steel exoskeleton, which proved lethal when swung on nightclub dance-floors. His name trends constantly on twitter.

Friends and Alumni Officers – Tom Wright and James Pentlow

A man so chilled that he was recently used in a trial experiment by the English Institute of Sport for treating the effects of extreme hypothermia, Tom Wright (left) is the first half of our F&A Officers.

A seasoned veteran of rowing arriving at Newcastle from Leander, Tom was part of the ‘super 8′ that won Champ 8s at BUCS regatta last year. Although officially another retiree of the Boat Club, many hope he might ‘do a Greg Searle’ and return for one final blast of glory.

Charming, polite and debonair, James (right) is god’s representative to the Boat Club for the finer things in life. James has often stated his goal in life after University is to retire to the Provence region of France to set up a vineyard and admire the scenery. It’s fitting then that he chose the job that meant he would interact with many people who’ve already reached that stage.

Publicity Officer – Charlotte Irving

Oft described as the “first lady” of the Boat Club, Charlotte (a masters student of Business Management) is able to offer some time out of her hectic schedule of official openings, gala receptions and other charitable good deeds to dedicate to publicising the work of the Boat Club.

A fan of international travel, she was recently profiled in Time Magazine by renowed sports journalist Murray Wilkojc, who described her as having “silky smooth tekkers”. Aside from this, Charlotte runs a campaign to get Tom Wright back into rowing.

Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer – Ben Gourlay

Ben is a third year Financial Maths student, but as a senior representative of some of Newcastle’s largest drinking establishments, his power and influence spread far wider than being merely good with numbers.

A silver-tongued wheeler-dealer, Ben is a man of direct action and has a passionate hatred for bureaucracy and jobsworths.

Novice Captains – Charlie Turner and Lizzie White

Charlie Turner (left?) and Lizzie White (right?) are apparently our Novice Captains. Nobody is really sure though, because nobody really knows if these two people actually exist.

Some people say they may have seen them in a Committee meeting, or maybe at the Boathouse, but they can’t really be too sure. Truth is, whenever anyone tries to think about the Novice Captains, their recollection only becomes hazier the more they think about them.

Due to their elusiveness, many conspiracy theories and urban myths have grown around them. Some say Charlie once beat Pete Reed over 100m on an ergo, but again, nobody has a clear memory. Some swore they saw Lizzie deadlift 125kg, but when push comes to shove, no-one can say they’re certain. Whatever the case, it will all have faded into the mists of time by this time next week.

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