Coaching and Facilities

NUBC has enjoyed a substantial investment in its facilities and coaching over the past 5 years, which has translated to success and achievement on the water.

Land Facilities

Newcastle University Sports Centre

The University Sports Centre, opened in 2005, offers Boat Club members a wide range of facilities for use in land training. There is a CV room with bikes, treadmills and cross-trainers as well as 12 concept2 model D ergos for use. There is also a large free weights room for use during the week and multipurpose rooms for general use.

As part of the University’s Performance Sport initiative, members are able to gain access to extra features such as sports lectures, group spin bike sessions and physiotherapy.

The University Sports Centre is located in the middle of the campus, just off from the Medical School and opposite Richardson Road halls (NE1 7RU).

Claremont Sports Centre

Water Facilities

The River Tyne

The Club rows on the River Tyne from Newburn village down towards the city centre. During high tides we are able to head upriver towards Wylam village. The river gives us upwards of 24km of rowable river. The Tyne has many corners and unusual eddies and currents which provide good practice for the Heads held on the Tideway. The river also has a 1500m straight which passes the boathouse, providing excellent training for the summer season.

There is virtually no motor traffic and what little there is is heavily restricted. The river is rowable on all tides and rowers can enjoy the spectacle of passing under the Tyne’s many famous bridges on a daily basis. The river is shared with only three other clubs – Tyne RC, Tyne United RC and Durham University BC – who rarely train at the same time as NUBC, meaning congestion is almost unheard of.

The River

The Boathouse

The Club Boathouse is located on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne, just next to Newburn bridge on the downstream side. This is roughly seven miles to the west of Newcastle. The Boathouse was recently refurbished and re-opened in September 2011. The new Boathouse offers hot showers, secure lockers and modern changing facilities.

The Boathouse features three bays in its main boatshed, all with extendible racking and boat-supports on wheels for the bottom rack, meaning getting boats in and out is simple and straightforward. With electric steel shutters and strengthened doors, the boathouse is secure and spacious enough for students to store their boats inside.

For overflow capacity, the Boathouse has an outside building, nicknamed the ‘tin shed’. This gives us plenty of spare space to store boats not needed for the winter or summer seasons as required.

Just over the road Tyne United RC allow us to make use of their indoor rowing tank, which gives our novices the opportunity to get used to rowing without having to fall in!

The Boat House is located at: Newburn Bridge Rd, Gateshead, Blaydon NE15 8NL

The boathouse in winter


The Club has recently been upgrading its fleet. Most of our new Boats are Hudsons, and for the senior squads we can put our Mens 1st 8, Mens 2nd 8, Mens 3rd 8, Womens 1st 8, Womens 2nd 8, Mens 1st 4+, Mens 2nd 4+, Mens 1st Hwt 4-, Mens 2nd Hwt 4-, Mens Lwt 4-, Womens 1st 4-, Womens 2nd 4- and Mens and Womens top pairs out in Hudsons with the top boats made in the last 1 to 3 years.

The Boats


The Club is fortunate enough to benefit from three full time coaches. Angelo Savarino, first joined Newcastle 2005, is NUBC’s Head Coach, but day-to-day run’s the Senior Men’s squad. Former student, Alex Leigh, joined as Novice Coach in 2013 and became Women’s Coach in 2015. Ciro Prisco, the third full time coach, joined in 2015, a former Italian international lightweight who joined as Assistant Men’s Coach to assist Angelo with the Senior Men and also to run the Novice programme.

If you want more details on the coaches please click here

The Club also receives the generous support of several dedicated volunteers who coach our Novice squads under the overall direction of Angelo.

The Boat Club is the second highest BUCS points scoring sport at the University, and because of this it is designated a Performance Sports Club. This provides members with a wide range of support and extra facilities, including access to funding. Boat Club members also make up one of the largest parts of the Newcastle Elite Athlete squad, an additional initiative. For more information see the Sports Centre website.