Absolute fundamentals

  • Claims for costs incurred on behalf of NUBC will be refunded according to this policy only.
  • All claims must be authorised by the Treasurer and either the Secretary or President before they can be processed. This is a Union requirement.
  • The Treasurer has absolute discretion to refuse to pay a claim.


Any claim submitted to the Treasurer should specify the following:

  • The amount required
  • What it is in connection with
  • The name of your bank (and if known, your branch name)
  • The name on your account
  • Your account number
  • Your sort code
  • A receipt, invoice or other proof of purchase should be supplied with any claim made.
  • Claims should be submitted to the Treasurer by the Wednesday of each week. The Union weekly deadline for receipt of claims forms is each Thursday. Claims will normally take one week to be processed once received.
  • This means that a claim received by the Treasurer on a Friday may take up to a fortnight to be refunded.
  • Claims requiring urgent payment may be made on a case-by-case basis by the Treasurer. Because any such money will come out of the Treasurer’s own bank account, such claims will only be approved in exceptional circumstances.

What will be refunded

  • Diesel/Petrol for Towing Vehicles
  • Postage for official NUBC communications
  • Petrol for Launches
  • Vehicle Hire
  • Insurance
  • Fees paid in advance by the Secretary
  • Cost of providing events
  • Boat Club publicity
  • Equipment rental or purchases
  • Equipment maintenance
  • Other items will be approved if shown to be solely on behalf of NUBC

What will not be refunded

  • Accommodation for rowing events
  • Transport to rowing practice or events

BUCS Events

  • It is Union policy to subsidise the cost of accommodation and travel to BUCS events.
  • The Union will pay £10 per night for a maximum of two consecutive nights for accommodation.
  • The Union will pay a fixed amount per mile per vehicle travelling to BUCS events.
  • Those providing transport or organising accommodation to BUCS events should claim the subsidy from the Treasurer.

Prior Approval

  • Anyone planning to conduct a transaction or purchase which will require refunding from NUBC accounts should forewarn the Treasurer, who can advise whether it is likely to be refunded.
  • The nature of the Boat Club means that it will be impractical to do this for everything. Therefore claims in line with the list above will be refunded without prior approval so long as they are of a reasonable nature.
  • When undertaking large transactions, such as kit purchases or social event bookings, always forewarn the Treasurer so sufficient funds can be in the appropriate NUBC account.
  • ‘Surprise’ claims, those which seem excessively large or not properly on NUBC business and which have not received prior approval from the Treasurer, will not be refunded.