Charlotte Hill - NUBC Sep '13 - July '18


"I started at Newcastle University in September 2013 and joined the NUBC novice women's squad. I spent my first year learning to row and ended my season winning the E novice 4+ final at BUCS regatta and whilst it was great fun it was clear that I didn't really have the natural physique for rowing...Keen to stay involved I came back in September 2014 to coach and cox and I've never looked back.

Learning to cox having already learnt to row was really useful as, not only did I have a solid understanding of the sport, I knew what calls had motivated me the previous year. I'm a naturally outgoing, competitive and organised person so the role in general really suited my personality. However,  I believe any personality type can make a fantastic cox and of all the varied coxes I know bring something unique to their boat. If you're on the fence about taking up coxing for the first time my advice would be to just give it a go and see how you get on!


Charlotte coxing the Women's First Eight

Throughout my four years at NUBC (and in racing I did with the girls the year after I left) there have been many achievements and memorable moments. The big stand outs for me are winning silver at the EUSA games in Croatia in 2016, winning gold at BUCS regatta 2017 in both the intermediate 4+ and 8+, winning academic 8s at Henley Women's in 2017 and then qualifying for and racing the Remenham Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta in 2018.

I also had the pleasure of captaining the NUBC women's squad in 2017 so can personally vouch for what an ambitious, fierce and caring group of girls they are and so I really do encourage you all to get involved in whatever way you can (...the boys are alright too). Finally, and more importantly than all the sporting success, I made friends for life at NUBC, found a sport I love and plan to stay heavily involved in the Blue Star Foundation and attend the boat club dinners and barbecues for many years to come."