Blue Star Club Constitution

Ratified on 2nd December 2011

Name, Colours and Emblem

  1. The name of the organisation is Blue Star Club, hereinafter referred to as ‘the Club’.
  2. The colours of the Club are Royal Blue and White.
  3. The emblem of the Club is a five-pointed star filled in Royal Blue on a white background.


The objectives of the club are:

  1. To support the work of Newcastle University Boat Club (referred to as ‘NUBC’),
  2. To provide an opportunity for maintaining links between alumni and current students of Newcastle University who were or are involved in rowing,
  3. To provide an opportunity for past members of NUBC to row together both recreationally and competitively.


  1. Membership will be open to all alumni of Newcastle University who were at any time members of NUBC.
  2. Membership will also be open to individuals who were permitted to row competitively for NUBC but were never students at Newcastle University.
  3. Honorary membership may be conferred upon individuals by the Committee in recognition of their services to NUBC.
  4. Application for membership will be made in writing or electronically to the Club Secretary.
  5. The Committee shall have power to set any membership form or other requirements as part of the membership application process.
  6. The Committee may refuse an application for membership or rescind an existing membership if in its view granting or continuing such membership would bring the Club into disrepute or would be detrimental to the Club’s objectives, or if it has good cause to do so for any other reason.
  7. Any person who has been expelled from, or refused, membership of British Rowing will not be eligible for membership of the Club.
  8. Members of the Newcastle University Boat Club Committee shall be ex-officiomembers of the Club.


  1. Any member who has a complaint about treatment from the Club or any of its members should notify the Chairman in writing.
  2. The Chairman will raise the matter in the next meeting of the Committee, which will determine what course of action to take in line with the British Rowing Guidelines on Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures in Rowing.


  1. There will be a Committee of Management (‘the Committee’) who will conduct and administer the affairs and resources of the Club in advancement of the Club’s objectives.
  2. The Committee will consist of a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary, and at least two others. Further appointments may be made by a General Meeting.
  3. Subject to ratification by a General Meeting of the Club, the position of Chairman will be filled by the President of NUBC, the position of Treasurer will be filled by the Treasurer of NUBC, the position of Secretary will be filled by the Secretary of NUBC, and two other places on the Committee will be filled by the Friends and Alumni Officers of NUBC.
  4. A General Meeting may alter or revise the appointments above by process of special motion.
  5. The Committee will meet throughout the year, as required by the business before it.
  6. A quorum of three members is required for all meetings of the Committee.
  7. The Committee will make all decisions by majority vote.
  8. All Committee members will serve one year terms, renewable indefinitely.
  9. The duties of the Chairman will be to preside at all General Meetings of the Club and its Committee, and to guide the activities of the Club in accordance with the principles set out in this Constitution and the policies approved by General Meetings.
  10. The duties of the Treasurer will be to take responsibility for the collection and disbursement of all monies belonging to the Club, and to maintain proper accounting records of all transactions carried out in this regard. The Treasurer will present to the Annual General Meeting a balance sheet and income statement reflecting the Club’s current financial position and the results of its transactions through the previous year.
  11. The duties of the Secretary will be to take minutes of all Committee meetings and General Meetings, and to maintain records and contact details of the Club’s members. The Secretary will preserve and make known the decisions of the Committee and all General Meetings of the Club. The Secretary will be responsible for any administration related to British Rowing.
  12. Financial or legal responsibility incurred by members of the Committee in the course of their duties shall not be their personal liability, but that of the Club as a whole.
  13. Any matter not provided for in this Constitution shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision in this regard shall be subject to the review of any General Meeting.

General Meetings

  1. An Annual General Meeting will be called in the autumn of each year. At this meeting all Committee positions will be elected, and a statement of accounts made up to the 31stday of August preceding the meeting will be presented for acceptance.
  2. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called for any reason upon the instruction of the Committee or by petition of not less than 20% of the membership of the Club.
  3. Not less than 14 days notice must be given in advance of any General Meeting.
  4. Any motion to be discussed at a General Meeting should be submitted not less than 7 days before the date of the meeting.
  5. Motions may decide or enact policies of the Club, or review or overturn decisions made by the Committee.
  6. All ordinary members of the Club who have paid the subscription fee for the year, honorary members and ex-officiomembers shall be entitled to vote at any General Meeting.
  7. All ordinary motions will be voted upon by a show of hands, and a simple majority shall be required to carry the motion.
  8. A special motion shall also require a simple majority to pass, but voting shall be conducted by secret ballot.
  9. Any ordinary motion or other decision by show of hands may be voted upon by secret ballot if any member requests it, subject to the decision of the Chairman.
  10. Should the Chairman be absent, the meeting will elect a member present to act in his stead.
  11. The quorum for General Meetings will be five members. If a General Meeting is found to be inquorate, the meeting will be adjourned until a later date as determined by the Committee.
  12. There shall be no quorum for a General Meeting which has previously been adjourned.
  13. Members entitled to vote may do so in advance of the meeting by sending their decision in writing to the Club Secretary. Votes cast in this manner must be received before the day of the meeting, and will count towards both the quorum and the voting threshold.
  14. Members may empower another member to exercise their vote as a proxy. The manner in which this shall occur will be regulated by the Club Committee.


  1. This Constitution shall be amended or altered only by a General Meeting of the Club.
  2. A motion to alter the Constitution (a Constitutional Motion) shall require a two-thirds majority to pass.
  3. Constitutional Motions will be voted upon by show of hands unless otherwise decided by the Chairman.


  1. Where the context so admits in this Constitution, the masculine shall include the feminine and the singular shall include the plural, and vice versa.
  2. Rowing shall include sculling.
  3. British Rowing refers to the governing body of the sport of rowing in Great Britain and its forebear, the Amateur Rowing Association