In this, NUBC’s centenary year, we have made a real push to get back in touch with long-lost alumni. Using the university’s contact database and a list of names dating back to 1963, we have been overwhelmed with the response to a letter sent out to those whose records we could obtain.   In such a significant year for the club, this movement is a bid to reignite the passion for the blue star and celebrate the club’s history with those that made it. In light of this, we are expecting an exceptional Henley Barbeque this year to celebrate, which we shall keep you posted on.

Just a few names of those we have heard from so far…. Stein Lundebye, James Ambrose, Charlie Wilson, Ed Lane Fox, Donald Lloyd, Dr Richard Taylor, James Woodhouse, Johnny Keen, Charlie Pryor, Colin Weedon, Alastair Jack.

Their stories and a few photographs are on the “Memories Page” on the tab on the right-hand side.

One of the objectives of the letter was to gather more names, so if you’re reading this and think you can help in our effort please do not hesitate to contact us, or sign up for our alumni emails.

Alumni Action