Alex Turner

"I joined Newcastle in 2014. Despite coxing at school for 5 years, the step up to university rowing was immense. However, Newcastle was the best place to develop as a cox and within a year I was transformed. The elite level of coaches and rowers combined to provide an unparalleled level of feedback and experience to learn from.

Coxing at Newcastle provided me an opportunity to compete in rowing at the highest level, from Brit Champs at the beginning of the season, right through to the culmination of every season at Henley. In 2017 I was fortunate enough to be part of the recording breaking Prince Albert Challenge Cup winning crew at Henley Royal Regatta, backed up the following year in reaching the Saturday of the Temple Challenge Cup. Three years previously, competing at Henley whilst at school, this was something that I wouldn’t have even considered to be a possibility. However, the environment and culture at NUBC rewards hard work, and you will get out what you put in.

Coxing provides the opportunity to be part of a club where you can learn innumerable skills and make friends for life. I benefited from the responsibility and respect that coxing helped me develop, becoming Treasurer and then President of NUBC.

My four years at university were shaped and enriched by the opportunities I took as a result of coxing. As someone who was never physically suited to compete as a rower, it opened a door to me to still compete at the highest level within rowing. Most importantly, it allows you access into a great social atmosphere where I met my best mates, not just for your time at university but for life."